About Toby Schuetgens and what you can expect from this blog

About Toby Schuetgens and what you can expect from this blog

Hey y'all, 

I'm Toby Schuetgens, a german-born american soul, independent country artist attempting to make a living from country rock music currently in Germany and this is the place where I want to tell you genuine and raw stories directly out of my life. 

Next to my YouTube channel and all social media accounts, where it's almost all about the polished and shiny content, this gets more of an unedited and raw character with less picture and video content but instead more of the true storytelling from behind the scenes. 

I'm publishing stories here every now and then, when I feel like I have to say something that I'm carrying around for a while or stuff that just needs to be said. 

Because of me being a more introverted guy, I'm more into writing than in talking to a camera. I'm trying to get better at talking to a camera but it always feels a bit strange to me. It's always a bit "fake". 

I'm definitely more into writing. That's why I started to write songs at all, as a teenager. I was looking for some kind of a valve to handle my emotions. 

Writing a blog article feels much more authentic to me, than shooting a video for YouTube or other social media. Even when it's sometimes a bit out of fashion, I started a new blog right now, just to keep everything around my music as authentic as possible. 

So what you can expect from this blog: everything that in any way related to my music career. From the stories behind songs, over the production process up to music marketing and such all blended with some real life stories from our home place. 

What I need to say at his place:
In order to make a living from music, this blog is powered by advertising. 

If you're looking for ad-free content:
Join 'Simple Life Society'! There is much more exclusive content coming up soon, all behind a membership paywall but therefore it's absolutely ad-free!

So stay tuned, when you're looking for a really authentic channel to learn more about me and my music, this is the place to be!

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