Production & Sound Quality Feedback

Here is some feedback I got on my own independent releases from 2022 and at the end some of my first clients feedback I got since I started offering audio engineering services in Jan. 2023!


The Nash News - May 22: "Currently living in Germany, Schütgens is proof that country music is a world-wide passion for many." ... "The song definitely is a fresh take. It leans into the rock inspired country that many would find familiar sounding, all while branching out into something they haven’t heard before." (click here to find the whole article)

Feedback from a crowd review:

Production & Soundquality Summary: 8,4 /10 - "Based on questions related to radio, the production quality is higher than most songs on the radio." (click here for complete review)

Audience Feedback:

  • "There's a lot of heart and soul in the organic country-rock performances."
  • "A country and warm blend of retro fitted rock and bluesy soulful productions."
  • "Lovely tracks with great heartfelt lyrics and guitar tone."
  • "Love the twang of the vocals and the slide guitar as well. "
  • "Great artistry and writing all the way round."

Curators Feedback:

  • "It's a very lovely song and you have pretty distinctive vocals that are easy to remember, overall I would say it's a well produced song."
  • "Strong vocals that have a bit of a country rock flair. Funky bass low end. Rolling overdriven guitar waves. Soaring melody lines. Quick flowing jam arrangement. Well crafted."
  • "Some well crafted folk rock and delivered at some pace."
  • "Great instrumental mix and loads of dynamic in this one."
  • "I liked the instrumental lines - nice punchy drums and melodic guitar playing."
  • "Cool rhythmic patterns with fat drums processing here."
  • "Great songwriting and professional vocal performance! You are talented and have one of the richest voices we've heard in days."

Clients Feedback: 

  • "Hey Toby thanks for the masters. I really appreciate the work you did."
  • "Hi Toby. listened to the track, sounds absolutely awesome, thank you! ... On the whole I love the sound of it."
  • " Hey, I´ve only heard it through my phone so far, but it sounds good!! ...Thanks again man!"