Studio FAQ

Is this service really for free?

I hereby confirm, that it is absolutely for free. I will mix and master your song and you won´t be charged for anything as long as the special offer is running.

Why is it for free?

I´m currently offering free services for a limited time because I´m new to this business and I would like to build up some more experience and references.

How does it work?

This is quite easy: choose the service you need from the store & upload your audio files, if necessary, directly on the product page. After that use coupon code "FREESTUDIO" during the checkout. 

Can I expect a high quality sound?

You absolutely can. Even I´m new to the business and working in a homestudio you can absolutely expect a high quality sound. My studio is set up in a hybrid fashion which combines elements from the digital and analog world. Apart from that I´ve learned my skills as well as learning by doing but also in the frame of a professional education.

How long does it take?

It should only take a couple days from uploading your files to get back the final track.

Reference Tracks?

Hit the following link to find some reference tracks:

Reference Tracks (click here!)